Trail Info

All Forest Service Roads are open for Mountain Biking, nature hiking, horseback riding, ATV’s and dirt bikes. There are some trails that are closed to the ATV’s and dirt bikes, so make sure you check your Forest Service Map, as to what is allowed on specific trails.

Basic Rules

  • ATV’s are not allowed on horizontally numbered forest roads, but may be used on vertically numbered signs.
  • ATV’s must be 50 inches or smaller to be used on motorized trails.
  • Do not carry loaded firearms while operating ATV’s and absolutely no shooting is allowed from an ATV.
  • No motorized vehicles of any kind in the wilderness area.
  • They cannot cross private property to access public land.

Below is a list of suggested trails. There are many more to choose from.

One of our staff members would be more than happy to suggest other areas.

Name: Distance: Difficulty:
Alder Bench #799 1.5 miles Moderate
Cathedral #794 3 ¼ miles Easy to Moderate
Embargo Creek #792 6 miles Moderate
Middle Alder Creek #797 5 miles Moderate
West Bear Creek #932 2 ½ miles
Church Creek #934 4 miles
Cross Creek #812 4 miles Moderate